WLM Strategy Sessions

For the past couple months, I’ve been working with Mark Healy from Torque Customer Strategy, to ensure that WLM is on the right track. 

It’s been an amazing journey almost, to be able to see all the things I’ve not seen for the business.

First, we started looking at who I am, and what WLM means to me. Then my homework was to find out why clients hire us, then what I am trying to do with the WLM brand.

From there we started working on WLM brand foundation: purpose, vision, mission and value proposition of the brand. By this point, I had learned so much more of the purpose (why I started WLM), vision (what I want for WLM), mission (what I should be doing every day to achieve it) and the value proposition (why WLM is different, in one sentence).

This exercise proved to be very eye-opening. Until the strategy sessions, I had been simply producing videos for clients, to the best of my abilities, but now I can approach new clients, with a much better understanding of what I can offer them and why I am different from other video production companies.

With my journalism background, I’ve been producing videos that have been very journalistic in nature. So naturally, WLM’s value propositioning turned out to be –


By the end, we were able to reach specific changes to my business model and create a pricing outline that was fair for the work WLM provides.

I have to thank Mark Healy for his patience and amazing insight into helping WLM find its identity. Please visit him at www.torquecustomerstrategy.com


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