Why you should add video to your site (not just because I run a video production house)

Here is why you should have videos on your main page.

To clarify, STORYTELLING (and preferrably through a visual medium), is important for your website. I read a book called A Whole New Mind where a chapter is dedicated to stating the importance of storytelling. Our minds process messages and truly understand different concepts through the stories. From when we were kids, we learn key messages through the stories our parents told us.

Videos provide a way of storytelling – a very good one at that. Visually enhancing your website is so critical, especially if you’re a smaller firm. Imagine looking for a printing company to do your brochures. If firm A only had text, prices and info, and firm B had pictures of their facilities, maybe a video of their production process and photos of the staff, which firm do you feel closer to?  Which firm are you more likely to call? Videos bring stories to life, and the people it captures to life. With a video on your site, you are one step closer to your potential clients, and one step above your competitor who doesn’t.

Great video content, needless to say, is a cheap and easy way to generate traffic for your website as well.  With social media tools like Twitter, facebook, sending links of interesting videos to followers/friends is so effortless. There’s no limit to how many people would view your videos and if it’s really good, it’ll spread FAST. I think TED.com does an amazing job of generating traffic by providing valuable video clips on their website.

This is just a short version of why I think most websites should have video content. I think there are so many creative and innovative ways of using video to websites and I will share those ideas right here on my blog.



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