Online Video Trends for Digital Marketing and Communications – Notes from Webinar

I joined in on a Webinar on online video trends for digital marketing and communications – Here are some notes I took. 

Viral Video

Evian’s Live Young campaign – is a viral hit. Interactive microsite. Campaign has its own landing page. highlighted in other sites such as YouTube.

Too many companies put amateur video. Doesn’t have much vision or message and wonder why they don’t have a million views. 

How do you distribute?

It should be integrated into your marketing plan, not an after-thought.

Actively promote your content through banner ads, promotions, traditional public media outreach. Video needs to be on your homepage also with a multi-release. 

Business Wire offer this release services although it could get pricy, it’s effective because it allows reporters to pull it from the release.  2009 online newsroom survey shows 80% of journalists now wants to see video files.


SEO ranking can improve 50%more likely to appear on Google

Tagging or inserting keywords in video will give you a huge advantage online.

Video content can be tracked in a much more in depth measurement. Analytics.

Dozens of platforms are being built to analyze these metrics.

Measurement is key and it helps justify online investment.

Companies can create videos to capitalize. Why do you exist, what do you do. 

Imperative at this point to be doing it. Affordable/measurable online campaign.

– Every company has a story to tell with video –


Frequency or updates and amount of content can change the price but a branded online video campaign could cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000


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