Red & White Ball 2010 Toronto – We’re photo/video sponsor!

About The Cause

Rethink Breast Cancer is a bold and highly influential grass-roots national charity that supports young people affected by and concerned about breast cancer through innovative education, research, and support programs. They use creative and unconventional ways to communicate messages about breast cancer in order to transform attitudes, debunk myths, and reach women and men who feel unaffected by the breast cancer cause. Rethink is a new breed of breast cancer charity and plays an important role in expanding support for the cause. We urge you to learn more about Rethink Breast Cancer.

The event’s theme, Red & White, is derived from the deconstruction of “pink”, the colour traditionally associated with breast cancer, into its primary colours of red and white. The two neutral colours are symbolic of the hope and passion that fuel the relentless research efforts that will one day lead to a cure for this devastating disease. Thanks to the continued support and generosity of our guests and sponsors, Red & White has raised funds in excess of $75,000 for this worthy cause.

Watch the video from 2009 here!


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