EI for self-employed Canadians in 2011

If  you are self-employed like me,  you may be interested in reading up on the changes in Employment insurance benefits for self-employed Canadians in the new year.

Beginning in January 2011, self-employed Canadians will be able to access Employment Insurance (EI) special benefits. There are four types of EI special benefits:

Currently, if you are a self-employed person in Quebec, you are already entitled to apply for maternity, paternity, and parental benefits through the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan. If you choose to participate in the EI program, you will be eligible to apply for EI sickness and compassionate care benefits.

Eligibility information

You can enter into an agreement, or register, with the Canada Employment Insurance Commission through Service Canada if you:

  • operate your own business, or if you work for a corporation but cannot access EIbenefits because you control more than 40% of the corporation’s voting shares; and
  • are either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.

See link below for more info!



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