Power of apps for photography and videography

This past long weekend, I decided to leave my camera home and take a real vacation for once. I visited Presqu’ile Provincial Park, just couple hours outside of Toronto. The weather was absolutely gorgeous too but this park had a beautiful long sandy beach I could not help but capture. I just used my regular iphone video function and used an app called Viddy to add this effect (the music also came with the effect). It is incredible to be able to produce little clips of this quality and style just using a smartphone. They say Viddy is the instagram of the video world. Somewhat limiting as to how long of a clip you can upload but it’s like Twitter in a sense, you’re sharing a story through a very short video. I haven’t purchased any additional effects but it’s probably worth every penny for parents with newborns who needs to capture moments without the hassle of setting up a regular camera/camcorders. Do try this at home.



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